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Alpha Phi is looking for strong leaders that are dedicated to being great members of our organization. Joining Alpha Phi allows new members to form bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime. You will find fun, friendships, and an incredible feeling of sisterhood within Alpha Phi. As a member of Alpha Phi, you join a worldwide network of over 220,000 sisters! We can't wait to meet you at Recruitment this Year!

Recruitment 2022 Schedule:
July 19th-August 3rd: Panhellenic Preview
August 3rd: PNM Videos due
August 13th: PNM Orientation & Walk down Milledge

August 14-15th: Round 2
August 16th: Round 3
August 17-19th: Break for Classes 

August 20th: Preference Round
August 21st: Bid Day

Recruitment 2022
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