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Hi everyone! 


Congratulations on being accepted into the University of Georgia! You should be extremely proud of yourself. The sisters of the Kappa Epsilon chapter and I are so happy you decided on UGA and are considering Alpha Phi. College is a time of growth, as you go through college you will grow into an even more empowered and confident woman. I have found a home in Alpha Phi that has given me the support and skills to strive to be the best version of myself. 


Being an out-of-state student, I did not know anyone and sought a way to get involved in the community. As the oldest of three sisters, the idea of having more sounded amazing. I decided to go through formal recruitment as a way to meet people and hoped to find a home. Driving down to UGA, the nerves set in. It had just hit me that I would be 12 hours away from home with no one I knew. While this seemed scary at the time, I am proud I was able to go out of my comfort zone.  


As soon as I walked into Alpha Phi, my nerves vanished. I was met with such genuine conversations and girls who cared about getting to know me. The genuineness I experienced on day one of recruitment continues to this day. This sisterhood has made my college experience significantly better. Alpha Phi has brought sisters for life, leadership opportunities, and experiences I will apply in my future. 


I hope you find your home at UGA, whether it is Alpha Phi or another organization. I wish you luck through this process and hope to see you soon. 



Izzy Pizarro

Chapter President 


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