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We are excited that you are interested in Alpha Phi! This has been far from a typical school year, and it’s not how any of us dreamed college life would be. I’m glad that the end of this uncertain and stressful time may be in sight, and we can all get back to a version of normal.


This sorority and these girls have meant so much to me over the past three years - both pre-pandemic and in the midst of it. I always knew that there would be great friendships formed, but I didn’t realize how quickly these relationships would take hold and how much I would depend on them when our lives got turned upside down.


Alpha Phi has been a bright spot in my time at UGA. It has given me the greatest support system and a community of women who constantly push me to be my best self. It has allowed me to flourish as a leader and encouraged me to serve this community in ways I had never considered. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds and encourage you to learn more about the Kappa Epsilon chapter. Your amazing journey could be next!



Dayle McCallar

Chapter President