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Hi everyone!


What an accomplishment being accepted into the University of Georgia! The next four years are about to be the absolute best time of your life. College is about finding the people that will walk with you through this chapter of your life by constantly supporting you and making endless memories to last a lifetime. I would not be where I am today without all of the opportunities for growth that this chapter has given me, and I hope that you find the same.


It is certainly an adjustment period coming into college, but it is all about the people you surround yourself with that will make that transition so much easier. Finding community is crucial at such a large university to find a home away from home. I knew right away that I needed to find women to uplift me, encourage me, and push me to be the best possible version of myself, and Alpha Phi was just that. I immediately felt such a sense of belonging and it truly was the home I needed to find in college.


I’m sure you can hardly wait for this next chapter of your life to begin. My biggest piece of advice is to put yourself out there, try new things, and meet new people, because you never know where that could lead you. My college experience would not have been complete without the love and support I feel from my sisters every single day, and I cannot wait for you to find that here at UGA.


Here’s to finding your new home, and to the best four years of your life!



Grace Griffith

Chapter President

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