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our philanthropy

Proceeds from our philanthropic events benefit the Alpha Phi Foundation to fund research and educational programs that support the improvement of Women’s heart health.
Donate to the Alpha Phi Foundation:
*These donations are tax deductible.

The Alpha Phi Foundation is committed to raising awareness and contributing to the research of women's heart health. In the Fall, we host an event called "Phi Fest" where students from all over campus come and have a meal on our lawn. In the Spring, we put on "Kickin' it with Alpha Phi" which is a kickball tournament open to anyone to form teams and compete. 


the Alpha Phi

The Alpha Phi Foundation is committed to advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy, funding empowering Fraternity

leadership programming, life-changing scholarships and assistance grants, cutting-edge women’s heart health research, and critical heritage preservation.

Philanthropy Events

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