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a letter from the vp of recruitment

Welcome to the University
of Georgia!

Welcome to the University of Georgia and congratulations on deciding to go through

recruitment! My name is Lex Dorr and I am this year’s VP of Recruitment. On behalf of

myself and my sisters in Alpha Phi, we cannot wait to meet each and every one of you!

Some of you will find your homes in Alpha Phi while others of you will go on to join another

one of the amazing organizations we have in our Greek community.

Formal recruitment holds a special place in the hearts of all Alpha Phis because it is our

time to share with you why we call this chapter home. We are here to help you navigate

through this new chapter of your life and help you find women who will lift you up throughout

the next four years and more importantly, the rest of your life.

Throughout recruitment, we truly love sharing our chapter's values and our sisters' many

beautiful and unique characteristics with you all. As Alpha Phis, our sisterhood, leadership

on campus and in the community, commitment to scholarship, and loyalty to one another

unites us as collegiate women.

Going through recruitment as an out-of-state student, not knowing what to expect, I saw the

deep alignment the women of Alpha Phi had with these values. Being a member of this

sorority and holding this position has taught me the importance of living out your values— I

am lucky that Alpha Phi has given me the outlet and community to do so. My sisters inspire

me with their drive, kindness, and deep-rooted love every day.

I feel so proud to say, "I am an Alpha Phi" and to share my college experience with over 300

women who are leaders, scholars, philanthropists, and loyal sisters. I owe so much of my

college experience to the women of the Alpha Phi Kappa Epsilon chapter. During

recruitment, we hope you will be led to a group of women who you can make a difference

with, who encourage you, and who provide you with unconditional love and support. We

are confident you find a home that nurtures your mind and soul like Alpha Phi has for us.

We can't wait to see you in August and see where Greek Life takes you! You will find

greatness in all that you do!


Alexandra Dorr

Vice President of Membership Recruitment

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