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Freshman Year with Alpha Phi

As an out of state student from New York, I was so excited to move to the state of Georgia and had no idea how quickly I would fall in love. I chose the University of Georgia as a way of putting myself out there in order to gain new life experiences in a whole different state. Even though I was excited to go to UGA, I was super nervous about moving to a completely new place I had never been before.

I decided to go through recruitment as a way to meet people and to be exposed to more activities. Alpha Phi instantly stood out to me because of how genuine and authentic the girls were. Throughout recruitment I was having true and deep conversations with all the girls. I felt like I had made true friends within the short conversations we had. There was a perfect combination of girls who had common interests as me and also those who shared their unique experiences that were so different than mine.

Before I knew it, I had grown to love everything about UGA. From the true kindness of the students to the fun and amazing opportunities it had to offer. Throughout the new member period I met my best friends that had the biggest influence on my freshman year at Georgia. These girls comforted me when I was homesick, gave me rides when I needed to go to Target, helped me study when I had a test. The people I met within the first six weeks as an Alpha Phi became my home even though home was so far away.

Alpha Phi also introduced me to other opportunities on campus. Before I knew it, my heart was invested in working with Extra Special People, Alpha Phi's biggest community partner. Extra Special People is an organization that helps people with disabilities have experiences that they might not have had without ESP. Within the first year as an Alpha Phi I was helping host movie nights at the house for ESP and volunteering at Big Hearts, ESP's annual community talent show. Extra Special People has been one of the best things that I have been able to be apart of since coming to UGA.

Alpha Phi made my whole freshman year. I had found a home away from home. I met people I never knew I needed and I was able to join a community that is benefiting the whole Athens community. Since day one Alpha Phi has welcomed me with open arms and provided me with a place to feel comfortable whenever life gets difficult.

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