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The sisterhood within our chapter provides the foundation for a lifetime of empowerment, unity, and belonging.  Here at Alpha Phi, we pride ourselves on the diverse opportunities our sisterhood gives to our members. Connecting sisters even beyond Athens, the sisterhood that begins at the University of Georgia remains within the hearts of each and every sister as we continue to pursue our aspirations and futures. We cherish our strong bonds of friendship in every way. We share many milestones together, from birthdays, road trips, to graduations and engagements. Our Alpha Phi sisterhood is a friendship that goes beyond the four years of college, for it is a never-ending bond of love that cannot be matched.

Big Little

One of the best parts of our sisterhood is Big Little. A sophomore initiated member (Big) guides her Younger Sister (Little) through her time as a new member. A Big is just like a big sister. She is there to help you throughout sorority life, college life, and all other struggles. Your Big makes everything easier for you. She serves as both a role model and a resource for the younger sister. The bond between big/littles lasts a lifetime. 

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Social Events

At Alpha Phi, we value unforgettable memories. We value furthering our bond as sisters through our time together. We value the importance of enriching our collegiate experiences through the creation of a strong community. Each semester, we come together with our sisters, other sororities, or fraternities on campus for socials, date functions, sisterhood events, and game days! Our sisters make the most of their time at the University of Georgia by stressing the importance of balancing school and involvement with leisure activities.

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